Interview with Robert Palumbo.

Recently, I was able to have a very valuable interview with Robert Palumbo. He is the Executive Producer of National Geographic Channel. He is the first collector of Takuma’s paintings in New York!

When did you first meet Takuma?

“I met with Takuma first time on Facebook. We became friends. The first time I met with him in person was when he came to New York for first exhibit. I went to see his show at Chashama Gallery in Midtown, Manhattan.

I went there with my good friend. We walked in and we saw these paintings. We’ve never seen anything like it before. We didn’t know what they were about.

Takuma was very nice. He explained to us what they were about. We came on the fist day of exhibit. No one had bought a painting yet, and I bought the first one. I was the first collector in New York! I was!

Because I loved the feeling that his painting gave me. So I was very happy to meet him and to see this very unique work, and then to be able to take one.”

What is the special feature of Takuma’s artworks?

“For me, my whole life is about a story. Everything I do is about telling a story. It could be a photograph or could be a movie or TV show that I make, but It’s always about telling a story.

I’ve never seen this kind of stories before. So I was fascinated by that and also to learn about where the story came from.Story came from tradition, kind of comedy, kind of symbolism, symbol of tree.He spoke very powerfully to me.”

In Japan, there are many collectors who, loves not only his artworks but also his character. How do you think about his character?

“I like his character very much. I can see his character in the paintings. His character comes out in the paintings. To me it’s very important. Because when I met him and I saw the paintings, I understood that it was real.”

Takuma is going to come to New York by getting Artist Visa. Do you think will New Yorkerl like his artworks?

“Yes. I do. He should make than bigger. Tokyo is big, but symbol of New York is bigger. Everything in New York is big. He is found away tell the story and now he needs to make it huge, big. And then, he could do well in New York. I am the first really big one?”

What do you hope for his future?

“Happy. I want him to be happy. I want him to be satisfied.”

Thank you very much, Mr, Robert Palumbo.

Robert Palumbo

Robert Palumbo is a New York-based filmmaker and photographer who has worked for The New York Times, National Geographic, and the German culture magazine Du. His work was featured in Scalo’s acclaimed photo book about 9/11, “Here is New York,” and is included in the collections of the Smithsonian, the Library of Congress, and the New York Historical Society, as well as in many private collections.